Kyiv is a prominent city with a long history. It is from here Slavic civilisation spread throughout all Eurasia. Being one of the oldest cities of Eastern Europe, Kyiv has risen from a capital of a powerful empire to a modern city with gorgeous views and lively nightlife.

A capital of Ukraine of around three million inhabitants, Kyiv is a home of the most booming tech scene in Europe. Massive enterprise companies, promising startups, and tens of thousands of IT pros are turning Ukraine into a tech goldmine.

Kyiv was ranked the greenest metropolis in Europe. Here, you will find a plethora of parks and squares, historical buildings and monuments, authentic restaurants and trendy cafes, modern boutiques, as well as underground culture and nightlife. A city full of ancient history and thrilling experiences, Kyiv is an exciting travel destination and has a lot to offer!

Useful information


The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, but most people in Kyiv also speak Russian fluently. Although finding an English speaker might be hard, it is not impossible, especially in the city center.


The national currency of Ukraine is hryvnia (UAH). There are lots of currency exchange places in the city where you can exchange Euros and US Dollars. Most supermarkets and restaurants accept credit/debit cards, but we recommend to have some cash on hand (for example, for public transportation).


The average temperature in April is 5-14°C (41-57°F), but it is hard to predict anything in advance. We will keep you updated when the forecast becomes clearer.

Public transportation

Kyiv is a large city, so walking is not always an option. There are different kinds of public transportation in the city, such as subway, bus, tram, trolleybus and marshrutka (small bus). You can purchase a ticket in the vehicle (or sometimes also in advance) in all kinds of transportation except for the subway, which you cannot enter without a ticket.

Drinking age

Legal drinking age in Ukraine is 18 years.

Water quality

We highly recommend to drink bottled water instead of tap water.


We recommend to keep an eye on your purse and keep it closed in crowded places.

Power plugs

The standard sockets in Ukraine are of type C and F. Type C is known as the standard “Euro” plug and also works with plug E and plug F. Type F is known as “Shuko” and also works with plug C and plug E.